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Our Services

Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom sector is our main focus, since our expertise are coming from this industry and had well-known in this sector

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is something that interested topics around the Globe, with our expert you will be able to see and understand the market sized in particular country.

Oil And Gas

We will assist a potential client to enter Indonesia by using our connection for Indonesia region.

Market Research

Quanta will help and develop market research based on customer's needs to see all aspects before entering the market.

Our experts

Sono has become director position at early of thirty with International experiences to manage a large-scale of team and having a strong relationship in Telecom as well as Oil and Gas Industries.


Ali has more than 15 year experiences in various position in MNO, Vendor and Association for Telecom Industry. He has capability to capture and identify market research and prediction. His field is Telecom and Renewable sectors. Ali has been recognised in couple Association in Indonesia as well as around the World.


SCB is senior executive from IT sector and has been leading Business Development in APAC Region. He has many years of experience managing and deploying Telecom and IT system with International Telco and IT companies, establishing couple of projects those lead to multi-million dollar cost saving, new business or revenue opportunities for the clients.


We strive for an insights-led systematic approach to delivering results.

About us

QUANTA is a development advisory firm engaged in creating and delivering sustainable value for its clients who are driven by the goals of sustainability and social impact. We are focused on making businesses efficient, profitable and sustainable.

What We Do

We engage with our clients at various levels depending on specific needs and objectives. A typical engagement spans across work areas such as Knowledge building, Strategic planning, and Capacity creation.

Our offer

  • Strategy and Execution Planning
  • Research and Insight
  • Training and Capacity Building